About Us


We have seed-funded more than 10 diverse startups all of which have grown ten folds since the start and are vigorously continuing there journey to becoming market disruptors through there innovation & dedication.


As an early investor, the first one in many, we have invested over $7 million in our startups, providing them with the early boost and platform for growth.

Launched in 2016, Ennofund is a seed-stage investor.

We invest in entrepreneurial startups that we test and believe have the talent and the potential to transform themselves into successful and scalable businesses.

Even before we branded ourselves, we invested in CEBA & EnnoPro, both of which have grown extensively in terms of annual turnover and operations.

We have funded many more entrepreneurs and business categories since then and continuing, aiming to create synergies, pushing the economies and creating more jobs.

Our work bases are situated in Ankara (Turkey), Shenzhen (China) & Hong Kong


Our investment portfolio comprises companies who by there perseverance, vision and hard work have grown multifold since there founding and together forms a big family of mentors and founders who help us identify the next big talent.

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Our Offices


Adress Macun Mah. Batı Bulvarı,
Atb İş Merkezi No: 1/125, Yenimahalle/ANKARA



Adress 7th Floor, Huarong Building, Qiaolian East, Bulong Road, Longgang District, 518129,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Shenzhen

Hong Kong

Adress FLAT/RM02 7/F, SPA CENTRE,No 53-55 Lockhart Road,
WAN CHAI, Hong Kong Hong Kong